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Titre du périodique BIOS
Sous-titre du périodique Journal of the British Institute of Organ Studies
Site de l'éditeur http://bios.org.uk
ISSN 0141-4992
Parution Journal of the British Institute of Organ Studies
Année 2017
Numéro 41
Table des matières Abbreviations and Library Sigla. 5
John Scott Whiteley Editorial. 6
John Norman Fit for a Queen: A Father Smith treasure trove. 8
Gordon D. W. Curtis and Dominic Gwynn
Charles Crole and the organ at St Benet's Hall, Oxford. 20
David Shuker John Wheildon: an early Victorian organ-builder in Manchester. 29
James Berrow All Saints, Shrewsbury, 'A first-rate organ':
Nicholson, Ouseley and Bulkeley-Owen. 43
Philippe d'Anchald; translated: Martin Renshaw
Triumph and tragedy in 1840s Paris: Charles Spackman Barker (Part Il). 55
Gerald Sumner
Charles Spackman Barker: the early evolution of the pneumatic lever. 75
Andrew McCrea 'lmprovising in Slow Motion':
Francis Jackson's investment in the sonata for organ. 89
Graham Cummings Handel's oratorio and concerto organs: 1732-1745. 112
John Scott Whiteley New light on the Toccata in C BWV 564 and Bach's 'Mordant'. 132
Christopher Kent
Some further thoughts concerning Tudor and Elizabethan ornamentations. 157
Maximillian Elliott
James Ingall Wedgwood: a correspondent 'Temporarily Out-of-Tune'. 167
Mike Sayers Report on the National Pipe Organ Register: 2012-2016. 179
Richard Vendome Obituary: James Dalton. 189

Books, music and CD reviews. 193
Letter to the editor. 207
Contributors. 208
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