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Titre du périodique The Tracker
Sous-titre du périodique Journal of the Organ Historical Society
Site de l'éditeur http://www.organsociety.org/
ISSN 0041-0330
Parution Trimestriel
Année 2016
Mois Fall
Numéro 60/4
Table des matières Christopher Marks From the Chair. 5
James Weaver From the CEO. 8
Letters to the Editor. 9
Tributes to Edgar A. Boradway (1936-2016). 10
About the Cover. Duesenberg The Power of the Hour. 15
Kim Kasling 170 Years of Organ History in Central Minnesota
A Study of Benedictine-Influenced Organbuilding. 16
Bynum Petty
The 60th Convention of the OHS. Its People, Places, and Music. 26
Samuel Baker 2016 OHS Convention Masterclasses. 30
William F. Czelusniak The Grand Ophicleide's High C Comes Home
A Talk Given at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall. 32
Rollin Smith They Loved to Tell the Story.
The Philadelphia Convention Hymn Sing. 34
OHS Press Nicholas Bessaraboff Publication Prize. 37
Bynum Petty Archives Corner. Roland Diggle Archives. 30
Scot L. Huntington In The Tracker. 50 Years Ago. 32
Ex Libris / Articles or Interest. 34
Reviews. 44
Minutes. 46
Index. 47
EndNotes. 50

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