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Titre du périodique The Galpin Society Journal
Sous-titre du périodique deest
Site de l'éditeur http://www.galpinsociety.org
ISSN 0072.0127
Parution Annuel
Année 2014
Mois March
Numéro LXVII
Table des matières Lance Whitehead Editorial. 3
Norman MacSween 'No maker to be Compared' - The Early Pianos of Thomas Tomkison (c1764-1853). 5

Colour Section. 32

Nicholas Nourse
Muscial Migrations: the origins of the Portable Street Barrel Piano. 49
Alphons Huber The 'Rosetta-Stone' and other Measuring Gauges for Music Wire from Nineteenth-Century Vienna. 59
Riccardo Gandolfi, Valter Biella & Claudio Gnoli
A Comparative Study of Northern Apennine Bagpipes ans Shawms. 67
Rachael Durkin A Barretone, an Instrument of Musicke: its history, Influences and Development pre-1750. 85
Paul Dooley Reconstructing the Medieval Irish Harp. 107
Panagiotis Poulopoulos 'Wha sweetly tune the Scottish lyre': A Guittar by Rauche & hauffmann and its Connection to Robert Burns. 143
Fredeliza Campos & Roger Blench
Heterochord Board and Strip Zithers in the Cordillera, Nothern Pilippines. 171
Lance Whitehead & Jenny Nex
The Insurance of Musical London and the Sun Fire office 1710-1779. 181
Johan van Kalker & Albert R. Rice
The Musical Instrument in Lodewijk Plattner's Auction (1843). 217

Notes & Queries
Douglas MacMillan Ingenuity and Practicality in the double Flageolet
Two rare Twin-bore Double Flageolets Compared and Contrasted. 231
Roderic Knight
The Membrano-Reed, a Discovery for the Twenty First Century. 235
Klaus Gernhardt Memories of Fritz Thomas (1926-2013). 239
Eszter Fontana In Memoriam Hubert Henkel (1937-2013). 241

Guidance for Authors. 245
Reviews. 249
Author Profiles. 267
Abstracts. 271
Advertisements. 275
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