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Titre du périodique Keyboard Perspectives
Sous-titre du périodique Yearbook of the Westfield Center for Historical Keyboard Studies
Site de l'éditeur http://westfield.org
ISSN 1943-0809
Parution Annuel
Année 2011
Numéro IV
Table des matières Table of Contents. iii
Contributors. v
CD Contents. viii
Annette Richards Preface. xi

Erin Helyard Clementi the Heresiarch and a "Black Joke" of English Domestic Keyboard Culture. 1
Edward Charles Pepe From Spain to the New World: the hiring of the Madrid organist Fabián Pérez Ximeno by Mexico City Cathedral. 27
Christopher Marks
Dudley Buck and the Evolution of American Pedal Technique. 49

Keyboard Culture in Eighteenth-Century Berlin
Matthew Head Mozart's Gothic:
Feelings for History in the Rondo in A minor, K. 511. 69
Kerala J. Snyder Seventeenth-Century Organ Music in Eighteenth-Century Berlin: Early Music in the Time of Frederick the Great. 115
Martin Küster Marpurg's Dream and the Meaning of Melody. 139
David Schulenberg An Enigmatic Legacy:
Organ Music and the Berlin Bach Traditions. 153
Annette Richards Charlottenburg Schnitger, 1706-1931-2011. 175

Nicholas Mathew Profile: Fortepianist Malcolm Bilson. 197

Reviews Tilman Skowroneck To Fix or Not to Fix
(Review of Artifacts in Use: The Paradox of Restoration and the Conservation of Organs, by John Watson). 207
David Yearsley Renewed Refreshments: Bach's Clavierübung in the Latest Authoritative Edition (Review of J. S. Bach: Clavierübung III, edited by George B. Stauffer). 213

Guidelines for Contributors. 219

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